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New characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R


With more than 50 characters available in the game, Bandai Namco’s fighting game will offer players the chance to relive the greatest scenes from the franchise.

The upcoming title adapted from the manga of the same name, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R, will offer players a very large cast of characters, with more than 50 heroes available in the game and the ability to recreate many battles in the game.

It must be said that the roster was able to draw from a panel from the long history of the series, which will celebrate its 36th anniversary in Decemberand which has been adapted into OVA, anime and other films, making the franchise one of the best-selling manga in the world.

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Alongside characters like Josuke Higashikata, Rohan Kishibe, Jolyne Cujoh or Ermesthe players will find the new faces that are Yukako Yamagishi from Diamond Is Unbreakable, Jotaro Kujo (4th part) from Diamond Is Unbreakable and F.F. from Stone Ocean.

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Ikuro Hashizawathe protagonist of Baoh: The Visitor, another manga created by Hirohiko Araki, will also be available in the game. Discover these characters in the new trailer of the title, for which pre-orders are open. Scheduled for release on September 2, 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox and Switch, and the day before on PC.

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