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New info on Odyssey, Blizzard’s fantasy survival


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Insiders have revealed some new information about Odyssey, the codename of the survival project made in Blizzard, in a different universe from Warcraft.

Announced earlier this year, Blizzard’s fantasy survival game has been the talk of the town. Set in an uncharted world unrelated to its illustrious lore of WarcraftThis title would be in development for many years and crystallizes a lot of hopes of the community which wonders how the editor is going to manage with a genre that he has never explored yet.

A fantasy title (that Blizzard knows well) on PC and consolesand that would be a Valheim-like survival game and not an RPG. In the Xbox podcast of Rand al Thor and Jez Corden, the two insiders announced some juicy news for the first time. According to them, the project is called Odyssey (confirmed in the meantime by the journalist Jason Schreier) and the visual aspect of the title would be close to the art direction of Fable Legends.

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Concerning the content, the universe would mix fantasy but also steampunkwith big machines and construction. The player would be in view at the first person, with a weapon (a bow) and magic. Interesting information if confirmed: it would not be an MMO. It remains to be seen if a presentation will be planned this year on this project…

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