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New N64 sports game coming to Switch


After the arrival of Kirby or Mario Golf, discover now a jet-ski game from the N64 in the subscription program of the Nintendo Switch.

The program Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack is getting a little bit more extensive, like every month. After the new Mega Drive entries of July, now it’s the jet-ski game Wave Race 64originally released on… N64 (well done, you’re smart) which will arrive as additional content on August 19.

Lead your Kawasaki jet-ski to victory against formidable competitors and tumultuous waves. This is one of the signature racing games of the Nintendo 64. Its impressive configuration allows for a new kind of experience only possible on 3D gaming consoles.

Even today, the original race, with buoys to go around on the left or on the right and a power up system rewarding the most talented competitors, remains a funny and enjoyable challenge, to be enjoyed alone or with friends.

To rediscover this title for Nintendo’s 64-bit system and its 9 tracks in solo or in teams, you must be subscribed to the Switch’s €39.99 per year offerI’m a fan of the console’s sports titles.

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