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Next PS Plus won’t compete with Game Pass, analyst says


The new PlayStation Plus will certainly have some advantages, however, according to an analyst, it will not be able to compete with the Xbox Game Pass.

Last March, PlayStation revealed new subscriptions for its service. Launching next June, it will feature various titles from previous console generations. However, at least for a while, the brand does not intend to do like its rival Microsoft by offering Day One exclusives. A supply restriction which, according to the analyst, would prevent Karol Severinto seduce a new segment of players.

A new offer designed with the aim of retaining existing users

sony has a big disadvantage: according to Severin’s words granted to Wcctech in early April, the fact of not offering exclusives playstation, the day of their launch, like the Game Pass, would be unattractive and would therefore attract few new potentials interested in subscribing to a subscription. The absence of EA Play would also be an argument against it.

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Nevertheless, such an optic would not have been the goal of the Japanese giant. He would indeed not seek to make new faithful but to retain those already in his possession. By offering a more extensive offer, Sony would thus limit the number of unsubscribes. However, this measurement could well be insufficient, if one still trusts the words of the interviewee.

I believe this development is more to manage and nurture PlayStation’s existing user base rather than seek out new users. In particular, it’s about managing churn and mitigating the temptation for existing users to switch to Xbox Game Pass. While I think the new PS Plus will help solve some of these issues, I don’t see the new PS Plus proposal as a “game changer” to bring new users into the Sony ecosystem from outside.

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