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NieR Automata: the work of Yoko Taro would have revealed a new secret


Released in 2017, NieR Automata has not yet revealed all its secrets. In any case, a player has just, on his side, shared his little discovery.

If it is about to make its arrival on Nintendo’s hybrid console, it’s been a while since Yoko Taro’s game was released. However, players would not be at the end of their surprises. NieR Automata, released in 2017would indeed still have some secrets to reveal. Finally, there would be at least one new one.

A secret room?

This is the user Reddit sadfutago who would have made this famous discovery. At the controls of A2, in the last part of the game, the player ventured into an area, which, obviously, had never been explored. Entering a room made accessible by a hidden door, he reached a ladder that led to a long corridor.

If the famous find was made more than one month ago it seems – and this with the PS4 version of the title – It was only recently that the individual shared it on Reddit with a video. Previously, he had simply broadcast a few shots.

So, obviously, questions arose. When some thought it was the very first version of the game (the 1.0), others cried fake and assumed instead that it was not a PlayStation version as mentioned, but a modded PC version. However, for the data-miner Lance McDonaldit is different. According to him, it is quite impossible (at least for the time being) to realize such a modification capable of acting completely on a map. But, perhaps the step has now been taken…

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By the way, as far as this McDonald is concerned, he too was the source of a small revelation, the “final secret”a little over a year ago. The latter after being shown to the community was confirmed by the Japanese Twitter account of the game. Yoko Taro himself said that this was the last secret of the game. And so it is this statement that casts doubt on what has just been released. Still, as VGC in particular mentioned, such a room seems to have been in the initial plans of the game before being revised. This is what some images show.

However, if such a place exists, no one has yet managed to reproduce the same maneuver as the so-called sadfutago to access it. But if this is legitimate, then we will undoubtedly see a recognition of the main parties involved. Although not certain … In any case, it is not the producer Yosuke Saito and his latest tweet (“Eternal mystery…”) that will clarify anything.

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What do you think? New secret or fake?

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