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Nightingale falls behind, but the survival game has good news


The ex-Bioware boss has announced the postponement of his fantasy survival game, but he still has an ironclad excuse.

Although it doesn’t have a specific release date, Nightingale was supposed to open its Early Access in this late 2022. Eventually, it’s going to be delayed a bit and should only be available “early in the year 2023.” according to its creator.

Nightingale not before 2023

Aaryn Flynn, ex-Bioware and creator of Nightingale, has indeed announced that the software had to take a little more time to be perfectedbut especially that the developers spent the game under Unreal Engine 5. Nightingale should have the right to serious technical and graphical improvements.

The decision is based on two things. First, it is an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5. After examining the potential of UE5, we decided to upgrade now rather than wait until after the release. Second, Inflexion Games is committed to providing the best possible experience and to deliver on the promise of what the Nightingale Realms universe has to offer players. To achieve this, the extra time will allow the team to make key improvements, enhance content and refine gameplay.

Nightingale will not arrive until next year, but the developers are already planning to share demos and information in the coming weeks.

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