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Nightingale: Fantasy Survival Game Reveals Gameplay


Announced several months ago, Nightingale said hello during the last Summer Game Fest 2022 to present some gameplay.

Since her announcement, Nightingale has been a bit shy and shuns the spotlight. We therefore know very little about this survival game except that it will be necessary to trudge from world to world to face a whole bunch of atypical critters and build bases.

Survive the Victorian Multiverse

The software will offer a lot of crafting, harvesting materials and can also be played cooperatively. Despite its Victorian-looking era, Nightingale will offer drastically different environments and several universes interconnected by dimensional portals. Mention is also made of cards that can influence fate and therefore alter the worlds that players will explore in this whimsical multiverse.

All this is still very vague and we will have to wait a while longer before having more precise information, in the meantime we still have the right to a little gameplay and an overview of some of the creatures that will try to attack us gut.
Nightingale is expected on PC by the end of 2022but does not have no exact date yet.

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