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[Nintendo Direct] Nintendo Switch Sports, the return of Wii Sports on Switch


Among the many Nintendo Direct announcements, a real surprise awaited fans: the return of the Wii Sports license, obviously now adapted to the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Sports will capitalize on the nostalgia. No doubt, Nintendo even presents it as the new installment in the “Wii Sports” series. The concept therefore remains the same: players will be able to compete with friends or family in six different sports disciplines, through the brand’s hybrid console.

We will find there from the launch, the next April 29, volleyball, badminton, bowling, football, a sword duel and tennis. the golf will arrive for its part at the end of the year, around September, after test phases. Of course, everything will be played in local co-op or online.

Nintendo announced a big joy-con management for this title and the return of Miis as avatars. Good news, a playtest will already be open from February 19 to 20, and registration opens on February 16.

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