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Nintendo isn’t considering takeovers, but is interested in NFTs


During Nintendo’s financial conference on Thursday, the president answered questions about the current takeovers of large groups, but also about the fashion for NFTs and the metaverse. The answer is interesting.

Nintendo bosses have given several leads for 2022 during the financial conference this Thursday morning, which has already provided more information on the future of the Switch, and on the excellent sales figures of the console. During this Q&A session with investors, Big N has also expressed interest in NFTs and the metaverse, on one condition.

Yes, we have an interest in these subjects, we feel the potential of these subjects, but we seek to know what joy we could bring in this sector and it is difficult for the moment to define it.

Unlike EA, Nintendo seems to be interested in the new fashion of video games, such as Ubisoft, Konami or Atari. That said, the approach favored by the company seems to be more considered than just entering this very lucrative world.

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Shuntaro Furukawa also commented on another current fashion: the takeover of company. After the arrival of Activision-Blizzard within Microsoft then that of Bungie within Sony, many analysts estimated that Ubisoft or EA could be the next to land in a large group, and why not at Nintendo, the third big manufacturer?

Our brand has been built on products made with dedication by our employees, and having a large number of people that don’t have Nintendo DNA in our group would not be an advantage for the company.

Can we see a reference to the fact that in Microsoft now there are many more ABK developers than Xbox employees? In any case, takeovers do not seem to be on the agenda on the president’s side. Shuntaro Furukawa. In the meantime, Nintendo is strengthening its structures dedicated to internal development.

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