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Nintendo registers the NSW trademark: a “New Switch” on the way?


After the New Nintendo 3DS, will we see the New Nintendo Switch? The rumor of a major update for Big N’s hybrid console is back with a vengeance.

New Switch rumor of the day, hello! For months and months, insiders, leakers and other ordinary people on the street have been talking about a possible new Switch. If Nintendo has already released a new edition of its hybrid console with the Switch OLED (thought to be the Switch 4K full HD 6000 Tflops dual bassboost 5.1 with haptic feedback), there remains the Switch 2 or Switch Pro rumor, a real new updated and improved version.

A replacement wouldn’t be illogical in the life path of a console, and Nintendo, which incidentally wants to improve its sales in 2022, could come up with a new model for that.

A Switch 2 announced for late 2022?

After the NVN2 project, we are now talking about the NSW (which is totally safe for work). The rumor comes from a trademark registration on the side of Big N, under this code name, and which would be the abbreviation of “New Switch”.. This official registration concerns everything that we are used to see in classification in video games: consoles, gaming equipment, computers, games or toys.

Other rumors have mentioned a possible announcement for the end of the year, in October 2022, like the Switch OLED. Thus, Nintendo would have the original Switch, Switch Lite, Switch OLED and New Switch coexist in homes. The latter would act as a transition, just like the “Pro” consoles of other manufacturersbetween this generation and the next. It would be equipped with the new chips SoC Nvidia to replace the aging TEGRA.

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In any case, the console is always in full flow, with 4 million sales for the first quarter of the year.

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