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Nintendo speaks out on the complaint against the company


Recently challenged by a complaint, Nintendo communicated on the subject, thus providing some information on the case.

We have just reported it to you: on Friday April 15, a complaint involving Nintendo of America and the recruitment company Aston Carter was issued. Complaints founded or not? The investigation will tell us. In the meantime, the Japanese company spoke about the case via a press release intended for the journalist ofAxios who disclosed the information.

As can be read on the page Twitter of Stephen Totilo, Nintendo has provided some details on the subject and in particular on the identity of the employee at the origin of the complaint. The company claims that the party involved is an employee who was fired for revealing confidential material. A dismissal which, according to the comments shared, is fully justified. Therefore, by relying on these words, the thesis of resentment seems to be clearly emerging, thus putting the foundations of the complaints in jeopardy.

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As for the accusations against her, the company denies any type of behavior by the outlet. At least it affirms its position that respects the rights of its workers and belies nurturing a toxic environment. So, to see what conclusion the NLRBto whom Nintendo pledged to provide everything it needed to clear up the matter.

We were made aware of the complaint, which was filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) by a contractor who had been fired for leaking confidential information and for no other reason. Nintendo is not aware of any attempted unionization or related activities and intends to cooperate with the NLRB’s investigation.

Nintendo is committed to providing a pleasant and supportive work environment for all of its employees and contractors. We take employment issues very seriously.

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