Home News Nintendo Switch: Endling and his adorable foxes specify their release

Nintendo Switch: Endling and his adorable foxes specify their release


Endling: Extinction Is Forever, the indie game where we play the last mother fox in search of refuge for her young, specifies its exit window and is shown on Nintendo Switch.

It is one of the indie games to watch in 2022. Endling: Extinction Is Forever had already caught our eye during a preview, it has now been noticed by Nintendo Switch players.

The Spanish indie game, where we play the last vixen in the world tasked with protecting her three adorable little ones, made a notable appearance at the last Indie World of the year to clarify its release window. The appointment is therefore given in spring 2022 on Switch, PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), PS4 and Xbox One.

For memory, Endling is before everything a post-apo survival game. The whole future of the species rests between the paws of the last surviving mother fox. But keeping her three charges alive and finding safe refuge in a world that is dying because of humans is no easy feat.

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The title will therefore embed gameplay mechanics combining infiltration, survival and obviously multiple endings which depend on the decisions made during the adventure and the number of cubs still alive. If you want to give it a try, a free demo of Endling is currently available on PC.

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