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Nintendo would be on the sequel to the “Switch ambassador” party-game


While Nintendo Switch Sports has just been released and should serve as a spiritual sequel to the huge Wii Sports, Nintendo is preparing to revive another party game of the same kind, 1-2 Switch.

According to the well-known leaker Zippospecializing in Nintendo consoles, 1-2 Switch game should get a sequel and “we don’t know why,” he reveals. Indeed, while Big N has just released Nintendo Switch Sports, its new iteration of family and multiplayer sports game, the studio was looking to revive an old license in the same vein. And it’s not Wii Sportsthe title with an incredible destiny.

The party-game with very mixed quality (4/20 on VGR) was released in 2017 and still reached the 3 million sales. But the success was not as great as expected, the fault of marketing which considered it the ambassador of the console when it was released (like Wii Sports in its time) but which had hidden a certain poverty and a lack of depth of mini games.

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Apparently, Nintendo thinks it can do better. On its blog, Zippo announces a continuation for 2022. Obviously, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt.

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