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no free patch on PS5 and Xbox Series, will you have to buy it back? News @VGR


Whether you want to play the story mode of GTA 5 or only GTA Online, in both cases you will have to checkout for the PS5 and Xbox Series versions.

GTA 5 will enter its third console generation after almost 9 years of existence, and it is still a hit. Soon, it is therefore on PS5 and Xbox Series that the title of Rockstar will land by embarking with it a lot of technical improvements (framerate, resolution, loading …) However, if many cross-gen games are offered a free upgrade patch, it seems that this is not the case here.

No new-gen upgrade?

At first glance, you would have to go back to the checkout to play GTA V and/or GTA Online on new generation consolesexcept for PS5 players who will be able to take advantage of an offer offering GTA Online free for 3 months.

It was neither more nor less the opening of pre-orders with our Anglo-Saxon and American friends that set things on fire. As reported VGCit is now possible to pre-purchase its new gen version of GTA 5 and GTA Online, individually or in packs, but there is, for the moment, no mention of any upgrade, paid or freeallowing simply to patch its version PS4 Where XboxOne.

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So, we can take advantage of exceptional offers at the full price for a limited time, but you will obviously have to put your hand back in your wallet if you want to take advantage of the software on new gen.

Currently here are the offers that can be found on Xbox Series and PS5here converted into euros:

  • [PS5/Xbox Series] GTA 5 + GTA Online: €39.99 full price
  • [PS5] GTA 5 + GTA Online for €9.99 or GTA Online (alone) free
  • [Xbox Series]GTA 5 + GTA Online at €19.99 or GTA Online (alone) at €9.99

In France, at the time when his lines are written, no price has yet filtered, but no doubt they will be aligned with what appears abroad. It remains to be seen if Rockstar will communicate on the subject…

Source: www.videogameschronicle.com

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