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No Man’s Sky invites itself to the party and announces itself on PSVR 2


Already playable in VR on a multitude of media already released, the Hello Games software is announced to be under development for PlayStation’s future virtual reality headset, the PSVR 2.

Was there a valid reason for No Man’s Sky not to take advantage of PSVR 2 coming out soon? It would seem not. And how not to welcome this news with a certain pleasure, since you can continue to play budding explorers and thus discover new species and planets this time taking advantage of the virtual reality technology offered by PlayStation.

The announcement is accompanied by a press release from Sean Murray, Founder of Hello Gameswhich you can find in full on the PlayStation Blog.

“Today, we are very happy to announce to you that No Man’s Sky is in development for the PlayStation VR2. (The PS VR2 system is also still in development.) It’s also the perfect opportunity for us to look back on our experience with virtual reality.”…

…«The power of PlayStation 5, paired with the latest PlayStation VR2 headset and the new Sense controllers, pushes the level of immersion and realism even further»…

Our odyssey continues!

No release date on the horizon, but it’s a safe bet that No Man’s Sky accompanies the release of PSVR 2… Surely in 2023.

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Source: blog.uk.playstation.com

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