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No Man’s Sky: Lots of content coming and the game is ‘far from over’


Hello Games spoke about the future of No Man’s Sky and for the developers, there is still a lot to add. It never ends.

While No Man’s Sky has just received its new big update, Sentinel, Sean Murrayfather of No Man’s Sky, gave news of his projects around the game in the columns of our colleagues fromIGN.

No Man’s Sky, the game of infinity

During this interview, Murray notably underlined that the love story between the studio and No Man’s Sky was far from over since the developers keep coming up with new ideas to improve the software.

[…]Despite the number of updates the game has received since launch and the number of goals we’ve ticked off, the list of things to get us excited about never seems to end. The team is always coming up with new ideas what she wants to do with the game: new content, new features and areas for improvement

No Man’s Sky therefore seems set to continue for some time, even if we don’t have a specific vision on the next updates. Sean Murray also confides that internally it’s a bit the same since the roadmap is only evolving. He also compares No Man’s Sky to an endless painting that the studio is tweaking little by little.

We tend not to speak publicly about what’s on this list, but long story short, we are far from done […] I like to think that No Man’s Sky is such a large game that we have to paint it in broad strokes. Then each update completes some finer details, but also paints new features. If you look at our latest patch [Sentinel]you’ll see a ton of improvements, but also some huge new ones.

No Man’s Sky is therefore destined to receive a lot of content and that’s not a bad thing, especially since the game benefits from a special aura as well as a large community of fans who flock to it with each major update. Nevertheless, despite all the twists around the game, Hello Games has never dropped the case and that’s good.

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As a reminder, the software is currently available on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4, Xbox One and will also have the right to a Switch version in the summer of 2022.

Source: www.ign.com

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