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No Man’s Sky Updates With ‘Outlaws’


By welcoming its 19th update, No Man’s Sky continues to enrich its experience and in particular offers you the chance to meet space pirates.

Two months after its last update, No Man’s Sky now offers a new one, its 19th since its availability. It brings corrections and new elements.

Will you lean on the side of the outlaws?

called “Outlaws”, it invites players to rub shoulders, in a friendly way or not, with the pirates scattered here and there in the vast space. The latter who have made themselves masters of the space stations, shamelessly carry out their illegal activities (attacks, smuggling, etc.). The decision to join them or fight them therefore matters to you. Either way, in either case, you will be able to receive the support of squadrons for which you will be responsible.

Recruit and fight

In order to make your job easier in the fights that await you, you will get caught up in the recruiting game. All the teammates that will accompany you will present their own abilities to improve over time. In their company, you will launch – or respond, it depends – attacks whether in dark space or, a little novelty, in the planetary atmosphere. These clashes will also benefit from certain improvements and new features, particularly in terms of weapons.

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A new vessel

In your fleet, you will be able to count on the presence of a new type of ship: the solar ship. However, all the other existing ones are not neglected. The capacities of all aircraft can indeed be increased.

Other elements are among the additions. To know them, just go to the official website.

Currently available on all consoles and PCs, No Man’s Sky will be coming to Switch this summer.

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