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No Man’s Sky welcomes Endurance, its new update


While it was just delayed on Switch, No Man’s Sky can now offer new content to current players with its latest update.

No Man’s Sky continues its journey. And what a journey it has been since its launch. Soon, Hello Games’ title will even be ported to Nintendo’s small console. However, this last one which was planned for this summer will finally take place only in October 2022. Some time later, in 2023The SF title will also be on its way to be released on the new PS VR. But, in the meantime, it will continue to improve its experience in order to satisfy current players.

Outfit your cargo ships with Endurance

Some three months after his last contribution, No Man’s Sky receives this July 20 a new update. This time again, Hello Games did not go with the back of the spoon. The new content is quite huge, so it’s only logical that we won’t mention it all… otherwise, there would be lines and lines of description.

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So there will be only one thing to remember. With this new contribution, called EndurancePlayers now have the opportunity to further upgrade their cargo ships with various items. They can add stores, scanner rooms, and even enhance them with glass corridors, walkways, and more.

And, as already mentioned, this is not the only thing that will be noticed. A new expedition has been added, new asteroids have appeared, etc.. In short, we let you discover all the content with the patch note (in English only) that can be read on the official website.

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