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No More Heroes 3 reveals its release date on PlayStation, Xbox and PC


After having landed last year on Switch, No More Heroes 3 is now going to new supports. And the date of this second release has just been announced.

The continuation of the crazy adventures of Travis Touchdown has already been approached by a category of players. And for good reason, the ultimate opus of the series imagined by Suda 51 arrived in August 2021 on the Nintendo Switch. From now on, it will conquer a new audience. But, this information is not new, we have actually had a word about it. Nevertheless, today we finally know the exact date of its arrival, and especially thanks to the release of a new video.

An arrival two weeks after Japan

And so, No More Heroes 3 will arrive in Europe on October 14, 2022two weeks after the Japanese release. Thus, it will be able to be put in the hands of the owners of PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC (via Steam).

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The physical edition, costing 59,99 euros, will include within it various elements such as 3 art cards, an illustration signed by the artist of the series Yusuke Kozaki, and a poster. This is much lighter than what we can have for example with the edition “day one” American edition, which also contains an artbook or the OST of the game.

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