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No, Roller Champions will not be cancelled


The rumor that Roller Champions would be discontinued after season 3 was started this weekend. This will not be the case. The game team denied it.

In the end, it was just a rumor, which benefited from the latest news about the already announced game cancellations to make its little nest.

So, the source that Jeff Grubb was claiming was not of a flawless reliability. On the contrary, since Ubisoft’s free-to-play game (released in May 2022 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC as well as on Switch in June) will continue to exist and does not intend to abandon its community, as the team in charge of the game wanted to clarify.

Roller Champions has a future

Speaking on Twitterthe development team has shattered the rumors that were floating around. As stated, Roller Champions has the full support of Ubisoft and has no intention of stopping. In fact, it seems that everything will be done to keep the game alive.

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But first, before developing the game further (by providing content in particular), the team wants to offer its community a solid, stable base to build on. For this purpose, Ubisoft Montreal will extend its current first season (Disco Fever) and will bring, throughout, the improvements that “the players demand”. And, only then will new seasons come.

A corrective program should therefore be announced soon and will be divided into two stages. The first one will aim to serve one of the main ambitions of the studio, that of making Roller Champions “a social experience”.. Chis will result in a patch that will integrate the cross-invite, a feature that allows a player to invite a friend playing on another platform than his own. As for Ubi Montreal’s second measure, it will consist of purifying its creation, focusing exclusively on “small annoying problems” and fixing them.

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Roller Champions will not be cancelled and therefore still has a future ahead of it. Ubisoft believes in the success of the game and will make sure that it will be a hit with players, to whom they promise “exciting things“. And if this is the case, we can only rejoice. Because, as stated in our test, the game only needs a little boost (content) to probably present something much more attractive.

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