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Noara: The Conspiracy goes free-to-play


While free, the French MOCA (Multiplayer Online Chess Arena) unveils its 2.0 update with improvements in gameplay and game modes.

Like several games recently and before it (notably PUBG), Noara: The Conspiracy has just gone free for everyone. The turn-based strategy game is now free-to-play on Steam.

The title of Atypique Studio considers to pass a new stage in its development but emphasizes wanting to “avoid any form of pay to win”. The ambition is to adapt to a competitive market by reaching a wider audience while meeting strong demand from players, explains studio boss Jérémy Filali.

For the occasion, Noara: The Conspiracy releases a major 2.0 update which improves the gaming experience and introduces the ingame store with cosmetics. Of course, it’s free-to-play, we tell you. The game also introduces a new gameplay mechanic called “Tactical Advantage”.: it allows you to choose bonuses that change with each game.

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You can read the patch note here and watch it all in moving images below:

Note that those who already have a purchased game, you will have in return Founder’s Pack content with:

  • An exclusive appearance of King Akuyandi
  • An exclusive in-game portrait
  • 3500 Sarme coins, worth 20€, the currency used in the in-game shop

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