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Northrend will soon offer you its doors


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The Scourge in Northrend will be pre-launched on August 30.

Azerothians, prepare to travel to Northrend during the Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-launch on August 30th.

A horde of events will be launched. Here is the schedule of what to expect:

  • August 30, start of the pre-launch with the deployment of the Wotlk Classic systems. This one includes a character overhaul with an update to the Hurlevement and Orgrimmar paysahes. Players will also have access to the Death Knight class that appeared in this expansion. However, only one Death Knight will be allowed per realm, as long as they already have a level 55 character.
  • September 6-13, Zombie Plague event. Players will have to be careful not to fall victim to the deadly effects of an evil that will take hold in the Capitals.
  • From September 13 to launch on September 27, Scourge Invasion event. Organizing against the forces of the Scourge will allow players to earn rewards.
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To discover or rediscover the game, A 50% experience bonus on Exalted Excursions will be available during the pre-launch.

Regarding World of Warcraft and its upcoming Dragonflight expansion, a leak announced a release date of November 28 but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The leak has caused a lot of reaction from the community which fears a new progress during the Christmas vacations.

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