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Nuclear Blaze: the latest game from the creator of Dead Cells is coming to consoles


Good news, Nuclear Blaze, the latest creation from the father of Dead Cells, will soon be exported to consoles.

October 18, 2021 was the occasion for fans of the roguelike Dead Cells to get their hands on the new production of its creator, Nuclear Blaze. Unfortunately, the game was only available on PC. The French publisher Red Art Games wanted to remedy this. Thus, the software will finally land on consoles.

There’s a fire in the house

It will be necessary to show a little patience, since the release window for the game on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One is set for early 2023, without further details. Note that we’re talking about the dematerialized versions here, because yes, physical versions are also on the waybut their arrival date is still unknown.

Sebastien Bernard, the lead designer of Nuclear Blaze and creator of Dead Cells, did not fail to share his joy about this port described as highly qualitative:

I am fully aware that this is exactly the kind of statement everyone expects in a press release, but it is. The team has done a thorough job of high qualityand made the porting of Nuclear Blaze to consoles possible.

The owners of the concerned consoles have something to be excited about. As a reminder, is a rather nervous 2D action game. You play as a fireman dropped in the heart of a huge building in flames. Your objective, besides controlling the fire and rescuing the survivors, is to shed light on the cause of this incident which turns out to be more mysterious than expected.

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