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Nvidia leak unveils elements of a possible ‘Switch 2’


Hackers have unveiled internal Nvidia documents following a cyberattack. We discover several elements that relaunch the track of a Switch in 4K.

If we have nothing more to say about the Switch Pro, since it was actually the hybrid console that was finally released under the name of Nintendo Switch OLED, a Potential Switch 2 is also an open secret. Nintendo obviously has a replacement project for its console, although it is not yet planned for right away.

Recently, Nvidia experienced a massive hack and data leak. These elements end up in the hands of a small group that blackmails the brand to get the end of a limiter integrated into the RTX 30 Series GPUs, which prevents intensive mining. The first revelations made it possible to discover the source code of DLSS technologyand another indiscretion inside, a mysterious code name “NVN2”.

The NVN project was linked, at Nvidia, to the concept of the Nintendo Switch back when its codename was Nintendo NX. An update reports an api change to the NVN2 name. This graphical interface would thus add the support for ray tracing and DLSS 2.2.

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Compatibility between Nintendo’s hybrid console and Nvidia’s “new gen” technology has already been announced by Bloomberg for many months. At the time, it was in connection with the many rumors of Switch Pro in 4K.

In the rest of the revealed documents, we also discover two Nvidia SoC chips to replace the TEGRA, the T234 Orin and T239 Orin. Two more clues for possible 4K support on a new console.

As many observers pointed out at the release of the Switch OLED, Nintendo may have simply revised its expectations due to the shortage of semiconductors, and prefers to take its time before unveiling a new console, especially since the sales are looking good at Big N. These rumors do not make it possible to know if the project is in progress, abandoned or dated.

Recently, an analyst told GamesIndustry that Nintendo would not unveil any new console before 2024. Let us also remember that the release of a possible Switch 2 does not in any way mean the death warrant of the previous model. In other words, you probably won’t have to wait until 2027 to discover Nintendo’s new console…

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