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For some of you, there is no doubt to have: Final Fantasy XVI will be at State of Play this June 2. And, the new element that has just appeared seems to confirm.

Square Enix announced it recently: it will soon communicate on Final Fantasy XVI, thus releasing a new video about it. But when exactly? Well, with the announcement of the next State of Play, which will take place this Thursday, June 2 at 11:59 p.m., the idea of ​​seeing him appear at this time was slightly tinged with certainty… well, for some of you perhaps. And, it is not the new element which has just made its appearance which will make you think the opposite.

Final Fantasy XVI Updated: An Appearance at State at Play?

As the Twitter user pointed out Pyo (which was notably relayed on Reddit), the page PS Store of the game has just been updated, and this, a few hours before the PlayStation event. Something that obviously can not seem trivial, if we rely on the timing.

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Certainly, the screenshot that we see can be questioned. However, if we carry out the same search ourselves, the info can only be confirmed: the page has indeed been updated. Now the main question is whether it is meaningful.

But if so, what to expect if Final Fantasy shows up? A release date?… In any case, it’s not on the site of sony that we will detect any clue. So we’ll see what’s really going on tonight, whether it’s about him or about Forspoken, which, according to rumors, should be delayed in favor of this Final Fantasy precisely.

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