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One free game per day on the Epic Games Store, who’s next? News @VGR


A list leaked for a few days now shows 100% good information. Discover the possible future games of the daily free operation on the Epic store.

Since December 16, the Epic Games Store offers a free game every day at 5 p.m., until December 31. The one from yesterday is still available for a few hours (Second Extinction) and the next one is coming very quickly. If all goes according to plan, it should be Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden.

Indeed, a user who shared a list on Discord a few days ago and is so far 100% successful on his predictions. This leak allows you to have the list of games in advance until December 25, and it will be Prey. The sequel is apparently “exclusive” to the EGS, that is to say that these games have so far never been published on the platform.

See you every day on the Epic store to collect new games free of charge and add them permanently to your library. Here is in the meantime the list of games that you may have missed so far.

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The list of free games from the Epic Games Store

  • December 16: Shenmue 3
  • December 17: Neon Abyss
  • December 18: Remnant From the Ashes
  • December 19: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
  • December 20: Loop Hero
  • December 21: Second Extinction
  • December 22: Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden?

  • December 23: Vampyr?
  • December 24: Pathfinder: Kingmaker?
  • December 25: Prey?
  • December 26:?
  • December 27:?
  • December 28:?
  • December 29:?
  • December 30:?
  • December 31st: ?

Note that a leaker of Dealabs announces for its part the “best game of the selection” which will appear on the evening of December 25th.

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