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One Piece Odyssey shows itself through a series of images


Unveiled recently, One Piece Odyssey now shows itself through a series of images. A way to review the universe of the game.

Made official last March, the next RPG One Piece Odyssey today has a few visuals drawing attention to things similar to the first trailer. They thus show us the island on which Luffy and his faithful crew are stranded, the ruins they will visit and the various creatures that inhabit the place.

A colorful and strange bestiary – that is, in the tone of the series from which the title is inspired – among which we can see a species of gorilla, a kind of lion or even a very large beetle.

Scheduled for this year 2022 on consoles (PS5,PS4,Xbox Series) and PC, the game is supported by the studio responsible for the recent remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (ILCA). It will feature an original storyline as well as turn-based combat.

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