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One Piece Odyssey: The Straw Hat Crew Step Out


One Piece chose the Summer Game Fest to reveal more. A new video showing in particular its heroes and its universe has been published.

Finally, we had not seen much during the initial announcement in March. Now, with the new trailer released as part of the Summer Game Fest, we have been able to discover more about the new adventure reserved for Luffy and his faithful companions.

Odyssey: the new journey of our future Pirate King

As previously announced, a completely exclusive story, and written by Eichiro Oda himself, will be offered with this Odyssey. What we can easily see also with the highlighting of new characters in particular. But, let the fans of the original work and the animated adaptation above all be reassured, because they will most likely have the pleasure of finding well-known things. The Thousand Sunny, the knock-up Stream that we were able to see in particular with the Skypiea arc and, above all, the original voices were thus able to mark this new trailer with their presence.

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Besides that, a few seconds of gameplay could be glimpsed and thus give a taste of the phases exploration, enigma or the bestiary that awaits us in this game developed by ILCA.

One Piece Odyssey is due out in 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and PC in 2022.

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