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One Punch Man: The Fast & Furious director will make a live-action movie


A successful license in Japan and around the world, One Punch Man will not escape it. For better or for worse, he will be entitled to his film.

The work overflow initiated by One was first intended for publication reserved for the Web. It was not until some time after that One Punch Man was entitled to a manga version drawn by the one to whom we owe Eyeshield 21, Yusuke Murata.

But it was probably with its 2015 animated adaptation, supported by veteran studio Madhouse, that the series rose to worldwide fame or, at least, that it gained more traction. A few years later, a second season, perhaps a little less appreciated by fans, was even awarded to him. Will a third see the light of day? There is every reason to believe so. But when ? Will she arrive before or after the film that Hollywood is about to concoct?

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The director of Fast and Furious concerned

As Deadline asserts, One-Punch Man will therefore be entitled to an adventure on the big screen. Sony Pictures, which obtained the cinematographic rights, will entrust this adaptation in live action to Justin Linthe director known for having worked on several opuses in the series Fast & Furious. And, in addition to his presence behind the camera, he will also participate in the writing with other two screenwriters known for having participated in particular in achievements such as Jumanji Next Level or Venom, or Scott Rosenberg & Jeff Pinkner.

So is this good news? In any case, it is useless to throw stones at something that does not yet exist. Moreover, the production of this new project should start at the end of 2022..

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