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Online casino games inspired by video games


Looking for inspiration to attract new players, the online casino world is borrowing from the worlds of pop culture and video games.

Gambling and video games: meeting of the third kind

Everything seems to distinguish these two worlds in a radical way. One has been democratized as a mainstream activity, or even a sport, while the other remains unknown, although benefiting from a booming market. However, online casino games and video games are closer than they seem. Virtual casinos, in particular, are seeking to attract new customers by drawing inspiration from the world of video games:

  • The atmosphere of these online casinos is close to a game atmosphere
  • Often, these online casinos are inspired by or feature famous gambling characters
  • Casinos seek to entertain

So to attract a new community, online casino games are banking on more pop culture inspiration. Physical casinos were once inspired by arcade terminals, with their lights and sounds and vibrating seats. Now, online casinos seek to provide entertainment in a world known to the player through video game references and common mechanics.

An expanding sector

Online casino games almost appeared with the invention of the Internet. The first was born in 1996, with InterCasino, allowing the first virtual money games. The first virtual poker room appeared in 1998. The growth is fast: 20 years later, the online casino market is worth 35 billion dollars. Today, 30% of the world’s population plays gambling.
Online gambling is multiplying, varying genres and styles to suit a wide audience. Whether it’s a little-known site or the best online casino in Quebec, all are adapting to trends by following the world of video games. After moving to the web, they are now turning to mobile and online casino game applications.

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Seducing the 90s generation

Online casino games are inspired by video games, but especially those known to the 1980/1990 generation. This generation has grown up, worked and is now a public that can spend more in online casino games. So, in order to offer games with adapted and identifiable references, online casinos are inspired by the universes and mechanics that marked this generation.

  • Lara Croft Slot Machines
  • Cloud Quest, a money game inspired by Final Fantasy
  • Mega Boy, the slot machine version of Mario Bros

A mechanical inspiration too

The online casino games are also inspired by the world of video games by using features of this universe. Indeed, offering the player an already known operation saves time in handling the game. A game that is quickly mastered is therefore a player who is more easily convinced and better entertained! There are several video game mechanisms in online casinos.

  • Lives system
  • Levels of progression
  • Bosses and opponents, triggering bigger wins
  • Appearance of bonus levels
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The “in game” casino

Casinos have also made inroads into video games, including major franchises. Similar concepts already appear through in-game pay-to-win lotteries, for example in Counter Strike. The casino itself appears notably in GTA, but also in mainstream games such as Pokémon or Animal Crossing. The line between video games and online casino games has therefore become blurred.

An entertainment market

Pleasing gamers through video game references is above all a search for lucrative entertainment. Since a player who likes the medium will logically spend time on it, he will spend more money. Online casino games have a vested interest in providing an entertaining experience. The virtual world allows casinos to break down barriers by transforming themselves into real money video games.

The future of online casino

What future for online casino games? A future parallel to the world of video games, continuing to adopt the codes and references. The first tests of virtual reality casinos have taken place, on Oculus in particular, to offer an immersive experience to the player. The AI is more and more involved, to make the games more dynamic while avoiding cheating. A technological future, therefore, seeking above all to entertain.

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