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Online casino in Canada: what should you know?

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It’s no news that most online casinos in Canada have been set up and made easy to use for players. However, for newbies looking to start, things may be a bit confusing. For example, choosing the device to play on, and the depositing and withdrawal process among others. As a result, new players tend to make bad decisions because there is a lot to decide on and choose from.

To ease things up, this article discusses the most important things you should know as a new player before playing in an online casino canada.

Why Play at Online Casinos?

Online casinos have several advantages over their offline counterparts. Firstly, there is the convenience of playing from the comfort of your bed and also access to thousands of games. When it comes to online casino canada, there is an endless supply of fun. Note that you need to be 18 and above to be able to bet online in Canada.

From free spins to welcome bonuses, online casino bonuses are far more than what you can obtain when playing land-based versions. There is also the flexibility of deposits and wagers, as you can make as little as $1 deposit into your account. This is usually not the case for brick-and-mortar casinos. These benefits are coupled with the fact that you also get to benefit from promotional offers from the company. For example, Bet365 offers holiday bonuses and runs frequent promotions for players to benefit from.

Playing in an online casino also affords you the option of choosing from several payment methods for deposit and withdrawal. Note that taxes and regulations vary depending on your jurisdiction. Therefore, check with your local law for what is obtainable. In Canada, however, gambling revenue is not taxable because it is not classified as a business income.

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What Laws apply to Modern Day Gambling in Canada?

Canada is one of the places where the government doesn’t view gambling as illegal or a threat to Canadians. Basically, it is more regarded as a victimless crime. This gambling makes acceptable, and current laws are only in place to control revenue and allow government-sponsored online gambling.

Live casinos, horse tracks, and video lottery have been installed at strategic locations around the country to generate revenue for the government. Lotteries are also instituted across Canada and gaming is accepted as a revenue generation for religious groups, charities, and the government.

Who Regulates the Canadian Online Casino Industry?

The Canadian gaming industry is regulated by the Canadian Gaming Commission. The association liaises with the government, public, and media to regulate the industry and keep it in check. However, laws pertaining to online gambling, casinos, and sports betting are enacted and enforced by provinces across the state.

What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Casino in Canada?

Some factors you should keep an eye out for include:

Variety of Online Casinos

You should have the option of choosing from a wide variety of games in any online casino you opt for. Most top casinos boast of 2000+ games with different editions and themes. This ensures that you never exhaust the fun no matter how long you play.

Ease of deposit and Withdrawal

For most players, the purpose of playing is to win cash. A casino that wouldn’t allow you to deposit or withdraw easily will quickly get you frustrated. An ideal online casino should have several deposit and withdrawal methods including bank transfers, e-wallets, crypto, debit, and credit cards among others. This keeps your options wide and open at all times.

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Security and Online Casino licenses

Security is very important because you would be providing your personal details to the website. This includes your name, email, and even bank details, hence, a data breach could be very costly. The online casino website should be secure with an SSL certificate and also licensed by a reputable gambling authority (e.g. Malta Gambling Authority).

Ease of Use

The easier the interface, the better for you as a player. Yes, online casinos can be very confusing due to the fact that it needs to cram in so many elements on a simple page. However, important actions should be easy to find on the screen. Like where to make deposits, withdrawals, login, update your profile, and more.

Recommend Canadian Online Casinos to Play in

Some recommended online casinos to play in Canada with good ratings:

  1. Betway Casino
  2. 22bet Casino
  3. Bet 365
  4. SportPesa
  5. 888 Casino
  6. Europa-Casino

Each of these casinos offers different values ​​and an array of games to players. Ultimately, it boils down to what you prefer, and how much bonus you’d love to get. Some are more bonus friendly than others. Also, certain games carry higher risk levels and possible returns than others.

After settling, it is also important that you have a gambling budget, as there are several factors that make this crucial. Having a budget would help you control your money and not overspend while chasing huge wins. After all, the purpose of gambling is to have fun.

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