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Online casino regulations in Canada in 2022

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According to statistics, approximately 20 million players play in online casinos in Canada. Also, each Canadian household spends over 1,200 CAD per year on some form of online gambling. This shows that playing in an online casino has become a very common activity in Canada and even in the US.

However, in the midst of the fun and wins, a good number of players don’t know that they may be breaking the law. There are several gambling laws in Canada that are in place to regulate online casinos and as a player, you need to be sure you aren’t breaking them.

Online Gambling in Canada

Online gambling is a common sport in Canada, with millions of players logging in daily to play. This rapid rise was aided by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which is in charge of granting licenses in their district. At the moment, there are over 50 licensed gaming companies in Canada, accumulating to over 250 online casinos available for players to hop in at any time. Amazingly, casinos are being added daily to the fray, with authorities offering gaming licenses on a daily basis.

However, beyond the general overview of casinos and their licenses, there are also several land-based casinos with a license to operate. Basically, Canada has some of the most friendly gambling laws globally, enabling most institutions to thrive.

Gambling Laws in Canada

For starters, gambling online is not illegal in Canada. In fact, Canada is one of the few countries that do not take a firm stance against online gambling. Players are free to enjoy themselves while playing on the best online platforms and their favorite casino games. The act of gambling is completely legal according to Canadian laws.

However, it becomes tricky when we look beyond the general law into licensing of casinos. For players to be able to legally play in a casino in Canada, they must have a license from the appropriate gaming regulatory authority. The casino could be registered with local regulatory authorities like Kahnawake Gaming Commission or well-recognized international regulatory bodies like Malta or Curaçao Gaming Authority.

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If a Canadian player opts to sign up and play in an offshore casino, they aren’t really breaking the law. Therefore, they can legally register, claim bonuses and make money without worrying about the authority. However, signing up on an online casino that has not been licensed is illegal. As a matter of fact, it is considered and treated as a serious felony. At the moment, regulations are being put in place to nationwide regulate online casinos in Canada. Also, keep in mind that local states are also at liberty to regulate gambling.

Playing in Online Casinos—What to Look out for?

Here are some of the necessary features to look out for when choosing the online casino to play in:

  • Licensing
  • Number of Games
  • Bonuses
  • Payment Methods

Taking a deeper look at each:


Licensing is certainly the most important requirement to look for when selecting an online casino. Registering in an online casino is illegal, let alone wagering and playing their games to win money. Doing so is considered a serious felony and would attract a clampdown by the authorities.

Just as earlier said, the platform should be licensed by well-recognized local or international bodies. Licenses need to be reviewed occasionally, so that means you need to check casinos with licenses if they are actually valid.

Number of Games

Simply a means of fun, having a huge amount of games ensures you never run out of fun as a player. There are thousands of games available on online casinos and it’s best if you have the whole spectrum to choose from. Although it may not necessarily be all the games, it should contain the most popular ones like blackjack, poker, baccarat, and slot.

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Bonuses are another enticing feature to look out for. The best online casinos today offer mouth-watering bonuses to players at different stages of their gaming experience. For many, it starts with a welcome bonus, giving players a warm embrace as they register on their platform. This is followed by a cashback percentage on first deposits, which can be used to wager. However, there are other bonuses that come based on seasons and promotional offers.

Before you accept any bonus, ensure you read through its terms and conditions. Some require you to wager a certain amount of your own money, while others don’t allow withdrawal.

Payment Methods

This simply refers to the available methods for deposits and withdrawal on the platform. An excellent platform should have a series of options including e-wallets, bank transfers, and credit and debit cards.

What are the Best Online Casinos in Canada and the US?

To help narrow your search, examples of some of the best online casinos in Canada and the US are:

  • Playamo Casino
  • Cookie Casino
  • WooCasino
  • Casino Cruise
  • SpinCasino

For starters, these casinos all registered and licensed by the appropriate gaming authority locally or globally. However, it does not stop there. Their amazing user interface allows players to interact with the website easily and place wagers.

They all also have a huge number of games for players to choose from, basically guaranteeing you an endless adventure. Very important as well are the bonuses they offer. Bonuses actually vary from one platform to another, as some are more “generous” to entice more players.

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