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Online Roulette from Real Dealer Studios


We have to admit that Real Dealer Studios is a table game software that uses a random number generator that is a bit unusual.

Indeed, its different titles are all animated by real dealers in order to offer us a Hollywood experience.

To get even closer to the world of cinema, he has worked with a former British footballer turned actor.

Thanks to this partnership, we can discover the online roulette game Vinnie Jones Roulette which is currently available exclusively at Betway online casino.

Professional directors and actors to deliver a cinematic experience

Vinnie Jones Roulette doesn’t really feel like an RNG game. Indeed, from the very first moments, we can count on the presence of Vinnie Jones to manage our games.

The ingenious idea of Real Dealer Studios software is to offer a Hollywood-style cinematic experience to the players.

Thus, it employs industry professionals such as directors or actors. The latter are filmed in different situations, much like in a movie, and the game chooses the video clip to be broadcast according to the numbered square on which the immaterial ivory ball comes to rest in the cylinder of the roulette wheel made in synthetic images.

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So we are indeed dealing with a game under RNG but animated by a croupier in flesh and blood, except that this one does not interact with us in live.

Vinnie Jones: British soccer bad boy turned Hollywood movie big man

The great strength of Vinnie Jones Roulette is that it features a well-known actor to further blur the lines between the worlds of online gambling and movies with the goal of providing the best possible experience for Internet users.

Born on January 5, 1965, Vinnie Jones began his career as a professional soccer player for about fifteen years in clubs like Wimbledon, Leeds United and Chelsea for example.

From 1998, he became an actor in the British film Scams, Crimes and Botany and then participated in Hollywood feature films such as 60 seconds, Operation Swordfish and X-Men: The Final Confrontation. He has also appeared in television series such as Arrow.

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More games in the same genre announced by Real Dealer Studios

Real Dealer Studios doesn’t seem to be done with Vinnie Jones. Indeed, it has already announced other games featuring him, including Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette and Vinnie Jones Blackjack. They are scheduled for release in 2023.

Through a previous press release, the publisher had made it known that this partnership with Vinnie Jones was only the first agreement of its kind.

So we can expect more celebrities to be filmed to come and play the dealers in the flesh in Real Dealer Studios’ RNG games.

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