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Outer Wilds has a surprise for PS5 and Xbox Series players


The Mobius studio took advantage of the Annapurna showcase to make a surprise announcement about their space exploration game.

Released in 2019 on PC and Xbox OneOuter Wilds was widely acclaimed by critics and audiences alike before making its way on PS4 a few months after its initial release. Today, the studio has some great news for PS4 owners. PS5 and Xbox Series.

Outer Wilds on PS5, Xbox Series and …. Switch

Outer Wilds will indeed have its new gen patch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on September 15that no extra cost. This will be the opportunity to enjoy this excellent game in very good conditions with improved resolution and optimal fluidity at 60 fps. However, we’ll have to wait a little while to see if these new versions will offer more than just a comfortable gameplay.

The software will be available on almost all media and should soon have the right to its Switch version, as announced months ago. Moreover, the developers would like to reassure fans who have not had any news of this version for a while

I just wanted to reassure everyone that no, you didn’t collectively hallucinate our announcement of Outer Wilds on Nintendo Switch
It’s possible that we were a little too optimistic about the timeline… at this point, I’ll even say it’s likely that we fundamentally misunderstood the Gregorian calendar, but development is still ongoing and we’re working hard to bring a great version of Outer Wilds to Switch

That’s reassuring, so we’ll just have to wait and see. As a reminder, Outer Wilds puts you in the shoes of an alien caught in a time loop who has only a handful of minutes to save the entire universe. A title mixing exploration, puzzles and poetry. An experience that is a must.

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