Home News Outlier is available and reminds him on video

Outlier is available and reminds him on video


Joy Way’s Russian VR roguelite is out and comes with a launch trailer.

Since March 17, 2022Outlier is available on PCVR in early access at 12,49€. As a reminder, this title of Joy Way (Against, StrideTime Hacker), comes as a roguelite SF based on FPS and RPG in terms of capacity and equipment development of his character.

As captain of one of the last human arks, usingoriginal weapons and of elemental powers through procedurally generated environments, you seek to conquer worlds in the name of humanity. For this, you are ready to die in a loop repeating your quest until you achieve your goal.

And the Russian studio intends to refine its baby until its launch on PC in version 1.0, and probably beyond. It has already just welcomed a first hotfix bringing the bug fixingof course, but also a improved balance game and more music.

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