Home News Outlier is coming to SteamVR next month

Outlier is coming to SteamVR next month


After the demo and beta tests, Joy Way is preparing to offer early access to its FPS roguelite starting in March.

Since releasing their first demo late last year, Outlier have enriched with additional elements like weapons, powers, loot…

Besides quantity, Joy Way (Against, StrideTime Hacker) also sought to improve the sound quality FPS roguelite by reviewing for example the hub, the story, the progression…

And a first version is now ready to be deployed in early access on SteamVR starting the March 17, 2022. Outlier will also be released on Quest at a still unknown date which should however be in 2022. Joy Way wishes to take into account the player feedback before offering the title on Meta’s standalone headset.

As a reminder, it is about confronting waves of attackers in random dungeons on an alien planet. It is possible to mix his supernatural abilities and weapons to achieve various devastating results. And each part will of course be different of the previous ones.

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