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Over 13 million sales for Elden Ring


Difficulty in video games is dirty. Players don’t want to be pushed around. “My god these hard kro”. Elden Ring has once again proven that no one buys the hard games (no).

You clicked to comment on your rage following the intro of this news? It was obviously secondary. The latest nugget from FromSoftware, which has reignited heaps of debate about difficulty in games, displays more than honest figuresproof that this did not put off the most daring players. Bandai Namco presented its financial results and we discover inside the sales figures of Elden Ring.

The game was distributed 13.4 million units at the end of the quarter ended March 31, cumulatively on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Xbox One. which is approximately 1.5 million sales in two weeks since the last known figure was 12 million in mid-March, barely a month after its release.

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In comparison, it is more than any Dark Souls… and 10 times more than the Demon’s Souls remake. Not bad for a game whose bosses get knocked out in 40 seconds.

Source: www.bandainamco.co.jp

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