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Oxenfree II: Lost Signals reportedly dated February 2022


The PS5 database has updated to show a release date for Night School Studio’s single-player adventure game.

Oxenfree II, which was announced this summer on PS4 and PS5 in addition to its PC / Switch output, would now have a official release date. According to the PlayStation database (and as always in this case, thanks to the Twitter account PlayStationSize), OXENFREE II: Lost Signals is set for February 8, 2022.

A rather realistic date given that the game is well advanced in its finalization phase and that its studio, Night School Studio, should quickly be entrusted with a new creation for its new parent company, Netflix.

Unlike the dates of GoW: Ragnarock and Sonic Frontiers, both unveiled by the same account, we note that this time, the twitter page does not indicate “that it is probably a placeholder”. We will still keep the required tweezers until the exit window is confirmed.

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