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Palworld: Pokemon-like with guns shows up again


PocketPair’s RPG shows off in a brand new gameplay video and highlights its colorful monsters to capture and/or shoot down.

Remember some time ago, Palworld came out of the tall grass without warning and presented us with its vision of Pokemon-like.

A very dark vision which nevertheless takes up, in broad outline, the themes that can be found in Pokemon (fights, captures, use of small monsters for many tasks…), but removing all the watered down aspect of the title.

Result a software that does not go out of its way: shootings, death of critters, slavery… Nevertheless, Palworld retains a cartoonish and very colorful artistic touch. To see what it will give once in the hands. In the meantime, the title offers us a new video with a little gameplay and a zest of in-game cinematics.

For now, the software is only planned on PC, via Steam, during the year 2022.

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