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Pants Quest, an adventure where you have to find your pants


In a style similar to the LucasArts games of the 90s, Pants Quest tells the story of a man who must find his futal to get out of his home.

So yeah well, I know what you’re going to tell me. “Jivé, you play german simulation gun games, all that, so the stuff that interests you, who cares“. And you are not wrong, even if it is very rude to talk to me like this.

This time, let’s talk about another theme dear to my heart, point’n’click, this kind of adventure game that offers a much more interesting scenario, in a world less barred than homeless or goat simulators and … No, in fact no, Pants Quest is a game where you have to find your futal.

Literally. In the pure style of 8-bit games à la Maniac Mansion (with a ScuMM interface) you play as a man who must face the obstacles of everyday life in his quest for his blessing. Developed by Australian indie studio Ghost Cat Games, Pants Quest is slated for early 2021 and is delivered in a first trailer, which shows that you are butt-naked throughout the game.

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Joking aside, in addition to his quirky humor and puzzle games, the game is about loneliness and introspection, with a story that acts as a touching emotional journey, where the hero will have to really face the small problems of the daily grind and find the strength (and his pants) to leave his home.

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