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Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom planned for 2022


Head to Small Health to join the Peaky Blinders gang taking advantage of responsive and believable NPC AI.

Announced a while ago and scheduled for the latest news for 2021, Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom was no longer talked about. Also, we were beginning to not believe it too much. Finally, the title has just been scheduled for 2022 by Maze Theory (Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, The Vanishing Act), first probably on PCVR and PSVRthen on Quest a little later.

As you might expect, this one takes place in the universe of the famous series started in 2013 and awarded at the BAFTAs, in the1920s Englandwithin the gang shelby. Of course we find Cillian Murphy in his role as Tommy, but also Paul Anderson in Arthur’s, and there will also be new characters with which to interact.

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It should be possible to visit Small Heath, Birmingham, by going to the different key locations in the seriessuch as the Shelby’s illegal betting shop or the Garrison Pub, and to adopt several behaviors towards NPCs who will react to your gestures as well as your voice accordingly, thanks to an AI specifically designed for it. It must be said that the title is partly funded by the British government and that it is part of the program Audience of the Future and must therefore propose a “cutting-edge AI performance technology“.

The objective will be to infiltrate the rival gang in order to eliminate it and thus integrate the Peaky Blinders gang by officially obtaining his symbolic cap. However, we still don’t have any gameplay images and have to make do with the first teaser recently aired.

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