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Persona 5 Royal will not have a PS5 update


Persona 5 Royal, which will soon show up on new media, has some very bad news for owners of the current version.

Last June, the series Persona (at least P3P, P4 and P5 Royal) was announced for new arrivals. First, it took advantage of the Xbox conference to finally take date on the Microsoft consoles. Then, a few hours later it was the turn of the PS5 and PC to be concerned. And, just recently, it was Nintendo who presented it during a small show.

No PS5 update for P5 Royal

The canonical episodes of the series were finally joining other media. It was a very good news. But now, Atlus is coming back to put things in order and to communicate an information that will undoubtedly make the current owners of Persona 5 Royal. This will confirm the doubts that some had probably.

Indeed, as specified on the FAQ of the official site, the PS4 version of the game will not be entitled to an update (free or not) that will allow it to switch to the one that will be made available to PS5 players. To be able to play it in its optimized version on the new Sony console, you will have to buy the game again.

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When P5 Royal arrives again, physical editions will be available to players PS5 then, but also Switch users. The other titles (P3P and P4) will be available in digital format.

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