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Phil Spencer (Xbox) awarded with a prestigious award


Former Xbox boss and now director of the Microsoft Gaming subsidiary, Phil Spencer, will receive a prestigious award at the 25th DICE Awards in Las Vegas.

The new boss of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, Xbox strongman, will receive a prestigious industry award on February 24 at the 25th Design Innovate Communicate Entertainment (DICE) from Vegas.

For his commitment and his career in video games, Phil Spencer to receive Lifetime Achievement Award which rewards influential people in the field. He will receive the trophy from the hands of Todd Howard, the producer and director of Bethesda Game Studios, a subsidiary of Microsoft.

Phil Spencer has demonstrated both passion and leadership throughout his career at Microsoft. Ihe is behind countless landmark and essential initiatives that have had repercussions on the entire video game industry

Megan Scavio, President of the AIAS

Spencer joined Microsoft in 1998 as an intern before rising through the ranks, from vice president of gaming to head of Xbox and finally boss of the company’s new gaming division. The prize rewards his various innovations within the group, from the launch of Xbox One S and X to that of the Xbox Series, from the takeover of Mojang to that of ZeniMax, but also in the development of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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The interested party responded positively to the invitation and thanked his teams:

The people we work with are the most important part of any progress. It’s so true for me. Not only #TeamXbox members but also players, partners, other platform holders have all helped me learn, grow and realize the opportunity we have. Thank you.

To see Philou in his most beautiful costume, just follow the live broadcast by IGN February 25 at 5 a.m. in France.

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