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PlatinumGames president steps down, we know his replacement


After nearly 6 years at the head of the studio, Kenichi Sato has decided to step down but will not hesitate to advise the new leaders if the opportunity arises.

As at the beginning of the year, things are moving on the business side especially in the video game sector. At the head of PlatinumGames, Kenichi Sato has just announced his departure in a letter published on the studio’s website. Removed from the post of president, he announces the name of his successor, its former vice-president, Atsushi Inaba.

After taking over as President in April 2016, I focused on the game development business with a desire to “bring smiles to people around the world”. For this, I made a momentous agreement with Tencent in December 2019. We launched “Platinum Games TOKYO” as a development studio in Tokyo to strengthen our development capabilities, and we started to develop our “internal IP so much desired.

From now on, it is necessary to speed up the creation of “new games” which can only be made by PlatinumGames, and for that I decided that the best way was to hand over the post of president to Inaba, who has many years of creative skills.

Kenichi Sato will however remain involved in the business as “to advise”, he explains, supporting the next leaders. Inaba has a big case in hand for his first year at the head of the studio: Bayonetta 3, which must be released… one day.

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