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Play Trials Rising in the Elden Ring universe now


You didn’t think of swapping your “Torrent” pony-goat one day for a moped, huh? It is now possible for a race in the racing game Trials Rising.

Modders are only limited by their ingenuity, and they prove it once again with this new mod. If we had discovered the integration of characters like Thomas the locomotive, Homer Simpson or even Shrek, clever little guys went even further.

Indeed the modder kailiman666 wanted to integrate the universe of Elden Ring and the Necrolimbo more particularly the time of a run on the racing game Trials Rising. And the result is stunning to say the least.

You will recognize that exercising your skill by hurtling down the multitude of obstacles that stand in front of you, gains in interest when you have the world tree in the background and sites of grace as checkpoints. But let’s say no more, we’ll leave it to you to discover that for yourself.

This mod can be found under the name “xKx-ELDEN RACE”. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback if you have been tempted.

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