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Player wins 194 500€ at Mega Ball


Not only slot machines can bring us big money at Cresus online casino. This is precisely the lesson that today’s interesting news allows us to draw. It tells us that a player managed to get 194,500€ at this online casino, while having a good time at Mega Ball.

This live game by Evolution is a live lottery that can pay out up to €500,000 per game.

Games reminiscent of the TV broadcast of the lotto draw

One of the reasons why Evolution has become the leading software in the field of live casino over the years is because it is able to offer extremely catchy atmospheres. You can easily see this in Mega Ball. Indeed, this game is very reminiscent of a lottery broadcast.

It must be admitted that it takes place in a superb decor that has nothing to envy to that of a TV show. As in this one, we take advantage of a cut in different angles of shooting and of the presence of a host in flesh and blood who presents our games.

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During these last ones, there are 20 numbered balls which are drawn the ones following the others. Then, a multiplier ranging from 5x to 100x is applied to our eventual winnings from the 21st ball.

Nicolas B.’s nice performance

A Cresus Casino member just won big on the Mega Ball live lottery. Some of our readers may be wondering how to make money on this live game.

At the start of a game, you simply buy from 1 to 200 cards. The cards are in the form of a grid of 5 columns and 5 rows with the center slot already blackened. Each ball drawn in Mega Ball can automatically check off one of our cards, if they have the same number. The more vertical, horizontal or oblique lines we can form at the same time, the bigger the winnings.

Under these conditions, the lucky winner of the day must have formed quite a few. He won no less than 194 500€ on Mega Ball. Unfortunately, very little information has been released about him. We can say that he is called Nicolas B.

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The many advantages of Cresus Casino

This great win must have made some of our readers envious. It’s the perfect opportunity to play a few games of Mega Ball at Cresus Casino. Cresus Casino has proven to be extremely interesting. In addition to hosting Evolution’s live dealer games, it also offers hundreds of slot machines developed by talented publishers. And it’s generous with its promotions. Its welcome bonus, for example, reaches 150% up to $300.

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