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Playground Games (Forza) director leaves studio


The studio co-founder in charge of Forza Horizon 5 and Fable is leaving the company after 12 years of service and management of five racing license games.

All good things come to an end Gavin Raeburn, who probably wanted to leave on a good note. He’ll be happy to know that Forza Horizon 5 is the biggest Xbox box ever and the best launch for an Xbox Game Studios game. The rest will be done without him. After 12 years with the company he co-founded, the studio director announces his departure.

It will be replaced by Trevor Williams, co-founder and managing director until now. The vice president of Microsoft, Alan hartman, confirmed the news to WindowsCentral:

After 12 years working on five award-winning Forza Horizon games, Gavin Raeburn is leaving Playground Games as Studio Director. A founding member of Playground Games, we thank Gav for his leadership and contributions to the Forza franchise and wish him good luck. Co-Founder Trevor Williams will move from Managing Director to Studio Director with immediate effect, Playground Games team focusing on Forza Horizon 5 updates and Fabl developmente.

Gavin Raeburn has only known two companies in his career. Before founding Playground, he worked for 24 years at Codemasters, first as a freelance programmer in the 80s and 90s, then producer, in particular in charge of other famous licenses in the field of racing: DiRT, GRID and F1.

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A comeback to the new upcoming EA Era Codemasters?

Source: www.windowscentral.com

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