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Playground on a new title in the Forza Horizon franchise


Playground Games has just launched a job offer for a level designer to join the Forza Horizon team for its next game.

It’s here recruitment season right now, all studios are looking for new faces, and this is also the case at Playground Games. The company behind the latest Forza Horizon 5 has just released its excellent new racing game opus but already has its mind elsewhere.

In the list of jobs currently open, we discover this Friday that a level designer is wanted in the “Forza Horizon team” in order to work with the designers of the studio’s “next AAA title”.

Insider Roberto Serrano for his part spotted that thead was very similar to the one already on the studio’s website, but on its side probably dedicated to Fable. Indeed, Playground announces that it is looking for a level designer to join the team in charge of our “future AAA open-world action-RPG”. If the company had to face a significant departure, it should be remembered that the development of the RPG was very advanced at the end of 2021.

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Any news from Fable at the Summer Game Fest… and also from Forza Horizon 6? Wait & see.

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