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PlayStation has patented a new controller suitable for smartphones


Sony is constantly looking for new ideas to attract more and more players to its world. And the Japanese firm now seems to be focusing on smartphone users.

Surely anxious to find a way to counter Xbox Game Pass, Sony recently filed a patent concerning a controller that could adapt to smartphones. A good way to play cloud gaming service – Playstation now – or in remote play without having this recurring concern of handling.

As you can see below, this takes the form of a DualShock 4, with the difference that it would allow you to insert your smartphone inside between the two gripping handles. In addition, it is mentioned that a “Portion of the controller can be tilted by the user, and that this movement will be detected by the software inside the controller”.

Despite the look of the controller, it would be interesting to know if it could integrate features of DualSense such as adaptive triggers or aptic feedback. Otherwise it would be a real step backwards, and that would be a shame.

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Note that like all patents, nothing says that this will see the light of day, but it would in any case be part of Sony’s policy of wanting to reach a wider audience. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan in particular said the following:

Mobile is one of the areas we are exploring to reach players who are not on our existing platforms. PlayStation has a large catalog of first-party licenses that can be transposed to mobile and serve as a complement to our AAA games or our game services. We study the mobile market with amazing PlayStation franchises so stay tuned.

Coincidence? In any case, we invite you to share your point of view in the comments section.

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