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PlayStation Plus: Classics will be ‘superb’ according to Jim Ryan


Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, praised during an interview the quality of the titles that will be offered by the new PS+ Plus service.

The new service, or rather the new form of PS +, which will be offered in June will receive many classics from previous consoles (PS1, PS2 and PS3). And, as immediately announced by Jim Ryan at GameIndustrythe platform will not immediately present a Sony game.

In another interview with the Japanese magazine FamitsuPresident and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment also had a few words to praise (which will not surprise anyone) the quality of the titles presented. Without giving details on his words, he said that rendering on consoles PS5 and PS4 was “superb”. Finally, everything will depend on the game itself. However, when it comes to service, there should be no problem:

People who have played with it have told me that it looks very good on PlayStation 4 and 5. But it will depend on the game

He therefore remained mysterious as to their performance, thus giving an appointment later to communicate the details on a formula which promises to be less attractive than its competitor the Xbox Game Pass but more profitable. To be continued.

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